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 Tune Key Date Introduced
 Ger The Rigger  A  April 2022
 British Granadiers  D  January 2022
 Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes  D  December 2021
 Bluemont Waltz  D  December 2021
 Puff the Magic Dragon  C  September 2021
 Those Were The Days  C  July 2021
 Walkin' Branwyn  G  February 2021
 Patapan  G  September 2020
 Sloop John B  G/F  June 2020
 The Distressed Soldier  D  May 2020
 Balleydesmond #2  C  March 2020
 Yankee Doodle Boy  G  January 2020
 Manger Medley  G  December 2019
 Willafjord  D  August 2019

  Adirondack Cascade

 C  May 2019

  Green Green Grass of Home

 G  March 2019

  Toora Loora Loora

 D  February 2019

  Orange and Blue

 C  January 2019

  Winter Waltz

 G  November 2018

  The Girl I Left Behind Me

 G  September 2018

  Out On Lake Michigan

 G  June 2018

  Bard of Armagh (Streets of Laredo)

 C  April 2018

  Black Nag

 Am/Bm  March 2018

  John Stenson's #2

 A  January 2018

  Single Footin Horse On A Happy Trail

 D  December 2017

  Black Mountain Rag

 D  October 2017

  Black Cat Schottische

 C  August 2017

  Saro Waltz

 D  May 2017

  Bucket Man Blues

 D  February 2017

  Lavender Blue

 D  January 2017

  Hangman's Reel

 A  December 2016
  Salute to the Armed Forces  D  August 2016

  Yellow Bird

 G  April 2016

  Cockles and Mussels

 D  February 2016

  Pickin' the Berries

 A  November 2015

  Schottische du Stockfish

 Am  October 2015

  Come Down To The River

 A  June 2015

  Tommy's Waltz

 G  May 2015

  The Minstrel Boy

 G  June 2014

  Sandy Boys

 D  April 2014

  Eagan's Polka

 D  March 2014

  Washington Square

 G  January 2013

  Pig Ankle Rag

 D  August 2012
 Robertson's Reel  D  March 2011

  Colman's March

 D  February 2011

  Snake River Reel

 G  May 2010

  Morrison's Jig

 G  April 2010
  Mairi's Wedding  G  March 2010

  Loch Lomond

 G  February 2010

  Scotland The Brave

 G  February 2010

  Red Haired Boy

 A  January 2010

  Knock Knock

 G  March 2009

  Prairie Flower

 G  June 2008

  Green Willis

 G  June 2008
  The Gale  Am  April 2008

  Swinging On A Gate

 D  February 2008
  Florida Blues  D  Summer 2007

  Bury Me Beneath The Willow

 D  Summer 2007

  Buffalo Gals

 D & G  December 2006

  Oh Susanna

 D & G  November 2006

  The Bells Of St. Mary's

 G  September 2006
  The Old Spinning Wheel  D  August 2006

  Lover's Waltz

 D  July 2006

  Red Haired Fiddler's Waltz

 G  June 2006

  Death Valley Waltz

 G  June 2006


 G  May 2006

  Angeline The Baker

 D  April 2006

  My Wild Irish Rose

 C  March 2006

  I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers

 G  February 2006

  Larry's Waltz

 G  January 2006


 Dm  September 2005

  Star Of The County Down

 Am  Aug 2005

  Grand Old Flag

 G  July 2005

  Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

 C  June 2005

  Rock The Cradle Joe

 G  May 2005

  Rosin The Beau

 G  April 2005

  Julida Polka

 C  Mar 2005

  Danny Boy

 D  Feb 2005

  When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

 C  Feb 2005

  Davy Davy Knick Knack

 G  Jan 2005

  Full Moon Jig

 D  September 2003

  Little Judique

 G  June 2003

  Captain O'Kane

 Em  April 2003

  Kesh Jig

 D  February 2003

  Shoes And Stockings

 G  January 2003

  Blackberry Blossom

 G  August 2002


 Am  January 2002
  Moscow Nights  Am  August 2001

  Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine

 D  July 2001

  Scollay's Reel

 G  April 2001

  Young Roddy McCorley

 D  March 2001

  Joys Of Quebec

 A  February 2001

  Maple Sugar

 D/A  January 2001

  Angleworm Wiggle

 D  October 2000

  Puncheon Floor

 G  September 2000

  Gaspe Reel


  Black Velvet Waltz


  Cabri Waltz


  Eddie's Reel


  Farewell To Whiskey



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