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Silver Strings Dulcimer Society

(54 objects, created 4/23/2011)

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Album: This is a private album that is not visible to anonymous users SSDS Who's Who

Summary: This photo gallery will help club members put a name and instrument with a face in order to get to know fellow members better. Some members have a "Getting To Know You" profile linked with their picture. These profiles first appeared in the club newsletter. Click on the member name in blue to read their profile.


SSDS Who's Who

Alice Avery

Ann Wassell

Barb Davis

Bev Scott

Bill Deighton

Bill Scheiber

Bob Niemczewski

Christine Hurt


Edie Swanberg

Ernie Stewart

Fred Conn


Harold Crane

Herb Danzinger

Janelle Pacic

Kaye Hemerline

Luke Kawecki

Margie Meinzinger

Marsha Kozlowski

Mary Edgerton

Michael Hurt

Mick Mastal

Morgan Humecky

Nancy Straky

Pat Jurasek

Peggy Kustra

Pennye Scheiber

Richard Rowe

Roger Davis

Sharon McAuliffe

Sherry Humecky

Shirley Keyser

Sue Duncan

Terry Avery

Theresa Smith

Wade Mullins